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Here are what our patients have to say about our practice.

Testimonial 1


I would like to thank you Dr. Timothy Leung, and your assistant Diane for your great care. I was really terrified of going to a dentist till I met Dr. Timothy.  He is professional, has great understanding for the problems of patients, listens to the problems and shares solutions with patients, and most importantly, a dentist who caters to cowards, of whom I am the biggest. Dr. Timothy has it all. I would recommednd his care to everyone I know. I will definitely be back. And once again, Thank you for making the biggest coward (me) super comfortable.

                                                                                Peter Agafie, Mississauga

Testimonial 2


I have been a patient of Dr. Leung since I was sixteen and for over the last four decades I am pleased of having received very professional work.  I am very happy that he accepted me as his patient all those years ago. Thank you for giving me a wonderful smile and beautiful teeth.


                                                                              Tim Stafrace, Etobicoke


Testimonial 3


Dr. Timothy Leung has been my dental professional for 14+ years. Throughout my many appointments, Dr. Leung has always displayed professionalism, punctuality and humour. Whether it would be answering my numerous questions, taking the time to explain procedures step-by-step or listening to me talk about my dog.  His patients who have been with him since their childhood and return with their own children is a testament of this family-run office!  Thank you Dr. Tim and Diane for your excellent work and for the laughs all these years!

                                                                             Jorgina Lee, Mississauga

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